meeting in Albania

11 July 2022
ADRIA_Alliance and the elaboration of the SECAPs

The LP of the ADRIA_Alliance project, Unione dei comuni della Grecìa Salentina held a technical meeting with experts and the representatives of the 12 local Municipalities involved in the elaboration of a joint SECAP, on Monday 11 July at 17:00 in the Council Room of the Municipality of Calimera (LE). Also the other partners of the project, Gal Molise Verso il 2000, ESCOOP Cooperativa Sociale Europea (ESCOOP European Social Cooperative) coming from Italy, Bashkia Malësi e Madhe (Malesi e Madhe Municipality) from Albania and the Komuna e Tuzit - Opština Tuzi - (Municipality of Tuzi) from Montenegro are going on with the elaboration of their SECAPs!